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Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois

The best source of information on Guruji can be found on the web site dedicated to his life and his work.

Guy Donahue and Eddie Stern have released a book recalling Guruji through the eyes of his students which sheds light on the amazing life of a true Yoga Master.

Throughout his Yoga explorations Gabriel’s has had the honor to hear various stories from his teachers on their experiences with Guruji, and it was not until he met him in Encinitas, CA, in April 2004 that Gabriel understood the immense power of the human flower.

Here in a large gym at the coastal town of Encinitas, Guruji and Sharath were standing in front of the packed gymnasium. At first glance the two individual look larger than life. When he looked at his teachers, Gabriel was sure they stood taller than any teacher he has met.

Imagine his surprise when Guruji approached him, only to find out that both Guruji and Sharath actually stood one head lower than his eyes.

It was in that instant that a shift happened, and Gabriel knew he had to go to India and study with this man and his grandson. It would be 4 months later that Gabriel would hop on a plane and take the trip that would change his life forever.

For more personal stories about Gabriel’s experience with Guruji click here.


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