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Second Series

The Second Series is labeled “Nadi Shodhana,” which translates as nerve or channel purification.

The Second or Intermediate Series builds on the skills learned in the First, or Primary Series. It is only after a certain degree of mastery of the Primary Series that a student is taught the Intermediate Series.

Nadi Shodahana moves to release the subtle layer, the nervous system layer as it clears the way for the causal body to be illuminated at all moments.

In the words of Guruji “Yoga Chikitsa, very important, Nadi Shodhana, somewhat important, Sthira Bhaga, just for show.”

Here Guruji is pointing to the simplicity of the ashtanga practice. The whole practice is summed up in Surya Namaskar A, and the only important series to consider is the primary one.

Practice and all is coming, as he would often say, practice the first ad second series, and when you feel you can follow his count without taking water breaks and without breaking ‘trishthana’ you will understand Guruji’s deeper meaning, as well as relax with his famous response to the question “what is yoga?”

His response is always: “Yoga is to find God.”

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