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Primary Series

The First or Primary Series is called in sanskrit “Chikitsa Bhaga”.

This translates as the curative or therapeutic section.

The intent of this series is to first prepare the way, to remove the obstructions structurally, organically, emotionally and mentally thus enabling the practitioner to move on to the higher forms of yogic practice.

This series clears out nervous and physical build up in the bones and muscles, prepares the connective tissue for enhanced circulation of physical and energetic fluids, as well as cultivates the strength and balance needed in order to flow through the practice without interruption, as is seen in these DVDs.

Ayurveda teaches that the causal body, which lies underneath the subtle and gross body, begins to accumulate layers of unneeded darkness, whether in the form of anger, sadness, depression and stress in the subtle body, or adipose fat, shortened ligaments, tendons or thick muscles on the gross body. This accumulation is a result of the mind trying to rule the body, to establish itself as separate from the physical reality it finds itself enclosed in.

Yoga calls this “Avidya” – “ignorance” – we are oblivious to the beauty that lies within us. From a very early age we begin to  stress and tension that leads to the body becoming stiff and inflexible.

Yoga Chikitsa aims at releasing the first layer of ignorance. The physical layer.

This series has complex forward bends, twists, and half lotus variations to clear out the thick layers that restrict hip and shoulder movement.


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