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For Sharath

It is our sincere hope that R. Sharath Rangaswamy will make the decision to have the original tapes digitally remastered. As of 2010, these tapes are already over seventeen years old and, unfortunately, deteriorating rapidly every day. At some point very soon, if not already, their content will be lost forever. This would be a great tragedy. By digitizing the videos, the legacy of these teachings will be preserved well into the future for all Ashtanga practitioners, and all students of yoga history.

The videos offered on this site are our contribution to the Ashtanga community, and all present and future practitioners of this most perfect and beautiful gift of yoga. Should Sharath digitally remaster the original tapes and release them on DVD, we will no longer offer these videos, and this site will permanently redirect to his new page promoting the remastered DVDs.



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  1. Joerg Wiedenhoeft / Aug 16 2011 4:35 pm

    I am very interestet in the old films with guruji and new films with Sarath also. If possible as DVD.
    How much are they ?
    How to order them ? I live in Germany.

    • Gabriel Azoulay / Aug 26 2011 8:07 pm

      Namaste Jorg,
      You can order the DVDs, directly on this web site and we will ship them to you.
      They are $19.99.
      Thank you,

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